The Martina Earrings
Make a statement with these stunning moon and star earrings. Stunning gold earrings embellished with red and blue accent stones - we are obsessed! Enamel Crystal Silver Zinc Alloy
$25.99 $20.99
The Edith Earrings
Statement earrings are the easiest and most stylish way to mix up your wardrobe. These unique beetle (or scarab!) earrings have a beautiful blue and purple embellished center with simulated pearl and diamontes. Complete the look with the necklace, bracelet and...
$25.99 $20.99
The Adriana Earrings
Crystal Zinc Alloy
$25.99 $20.99
The Adelaide Earrings
Resin Silver Zinc Alloy
$25.99 $20.99
The Edith Necklace
Resin Simulated Pearl Crystal Zinc Alloy
$33.99 $26.99
The Frolla Earrings
Silver Crystal Zinc Alloy
$25.99 $20.99
The Edith Ring
Resin Acrylic Crystal Zinc Alloy
$25.99 $20.99
The Bala Earrings
Resin Crystal Zinc Alloy
$25.99 $20.99
The Jane Earrings
Acrylic Zinc Alloy
$25.99 $20.99
The Edith Bracelet
Simulated Pearl Resin Zinc Alloy 6cm width
$31.99 $25.99